Unlimited Custom Fields (UCFs)

Unlimited Custom Fields (UCF's) are another form of custom fields. These are usually made available for clubs that wish to create custom fields to add to registration forms and member profiles. These are basically the same as custom fields, they are just located in a different section for clubs.

The article outlines how to set these up however accessing and editing these UCF's is also the same process.

NOTE: if you don't see this option within your database it will mean your sport is only allowing associations/leagues to create custom fields so please speak to them directly and they can create these fields for you or speak to your sporting body and they can enable this for you.


You first need to create the question:

1. Log into your organisation database

2. Click on the SETTINGS COG

3. Click on UNLIMITED CF

4. Click ADD in the top right hand corner.

5. Input relevant information related to your question.

5a. Field Level - this won't change as it will always remain as MEMBER

5b. Field Type - what type of question it will be

  • Number - a member needs to add a specific number for this question
  • Date - a member needs to input a specific date for this question
  • Checkbox - a member needs to tick the checkbox against this question
  • Lookup - a member needs to select from options against this question (e.g size, colour etc)
  • Text - a member can input text/information for the question
  • Lookup (No Empty Entry) - this specific to certain sport so won't apply for most types of questions.

5c. Field Category - leave this as NONE SPECIFIED - as this is generic most most fields

5d. Field Section - Select which section in the member profile this field should show once filled out in the form


Now move onto how to configure the UCF you just created.

If you created a LOOKUP question that requires options to select, you will need to add these options. If so, see below on how to add options;

1. Click the SETTINGS COG


3. Click on the question you created.


Each option needs to be added one at a time

5. Input the first option

6. Click UPDATE

This option will now appear in the list.

7. Repeat for all other options needed.

If you need to edit these option just click EDIT against them at any time. You can't delete options, only rename them.

8. Repeat for all other lookup questions.

Now you can configure this field to show within the form and member profile.


Once you have created your custom questions/ UCF you need to configure this to show on the registration form and member profile.

1. Click on the SETTINGS COG.


3. Scroll to find the custom fields you created - as you will see indiciated they will be in green and most likely towards the bottom of the list.

4. Click into the relevant tab and then scroll down to find the field you need and click on the NAME.

5. This will expand to show a variety of options; Select how you would like this field to display. 

Fields can in several ways:

  • Let levels below choose - this field is irrelevant for your level as you are a club so you don't have any levels below you so you won't need this option.
  • Hidden - this means the field does not appear within a member profile at all.
  • Read Only- this field will display as optional on the members profile however it cannot be edited- only use this option if the answer to this field won't change (e.g birth certificate number).
  • Editable - this means that the field will display on the members profile but it can be left blank if they don't want to answer this field.
  • Compulsory - this means that the field will display on the members profile and it must be filled out before saving their profile- it cannot be left blank.
  • Add only compulsory - this means the field will appear on the members profile as compulsory but it cannot be edited - it is best to aviod using this option as it rarely needing to be used.

The most common configurations are EDITABLE and COMPULSORY.

There are three options on which levels you can choose to display these fields within.

a. For my level: the field setting selected will be applicable to your club administrators, so make sure this is set so it will be visible on member profiles for your level.

b. For levels below: won't apply as you are the lowest level as a club.

c. Registration Form: the field settings selected will appear on the registration form for a member

6. Select the field setting that you wish to apply and repeat for any other fields you want.

7. Once done, click on Save Options.