How do I manage Catch-Up Rounds?

Sometimes games cannot be played on their scheduled date (ie as a result of a washout). Occasionally these games are simply marked as a washout, however sometimes they are played at a later date. If you change the date of the game to when it has been played it can cause the website to display the wrong round when viewing Fixtures online as the website guesses which is the current round based on the match dates.  

The suggested workaround to avoid this problem is to delete the game/s and insert them into a 'catch-up round' that sits chronologically correct (ie between whichever two rounds the games fall between). Please see below for an example and instructions on how to do this.    

Create the 'Catch-Up' round in your database

1. Click Add New Round from your fixture page (Select the competition then Fixtures > Regular Season)   

2. Enter a Round Name, ie 'Catch-Up Round'

3. Enter an Abbreviation, ie 'CUR'

4. Enter the Number of Matches (that are to be re-scheduled into this round)  

Re-assign the game/s to the catch-up round

1. First delete the matches from the round that they were originally scheduled in (make sure you first make note of the teams involved!) 

NOTE: If players have already been selected for this match you will need to reset it (from Match Results > PreGame)  

2. Now add these matches into the Catch-Up round, which should be located at the bottom of your Fixture (select each match and populate it with the teams, time, date and venue). 

Publish To Web

Finally, to affect these changes on your website you need to perform a Publish To Web (from Competitions > Publish To Web). The Catch-Up round will appear in the correct chronological sequence in the competition rounds.