How do I send a Course EOI email?

Communicator – Email Course EOI

Communicator also allows you to contact people who have expressed interest in a course. Successful execution of this test will require that at least one member has expressed interest in the course you wish to communicate with. Prior to executing this test please ensure that you have at least one expression of for the course you communicate with. Instructions on how to express interest can be found below under “Map Finder Tasks – Find a Course and Express Interest”

From Centre Level:

1. Click on to Communications in the Menu bar.

2. Click on 'EOI Invitation'.


3. Next select the course(s) that you wish to contact EOI’s and Click 'Choose Recipients'.


4. You can now select which members you wish to email then click 'Customize Email'


5. On this screen you can customize the email with information about upcoming courses or even include the URL to another course that is available.


6. Once satisfied click 'Send'.