Getting set up with Livestats

GameDay Passport allows the integration of Livestats (also known as FIBA Livestats) for basketball associations using our system. The livestats functionality allows your organisation to record player and team statistics live during games.

Note: this functionality can only be used by Basketball associations - it is not set up to be used for other sports.

Please see below on how to get set up to integrate the Livestats with GameDay.

Note: Livestats is not hosted by GameDay so we cannot assist with the inital set up of this functionality. Livestats is owned by Genius Sports who do the inital set up and then provide you with the information we need for our side in order to integrate.

1. You will need to contact Genuis Sports and get them to set up your organisation to use Livestats. They can be contact via: - request a demo

2. Once they have set up your organisation to use Livestats, you should be provided with a set up key (may also be an API key) which you need to provide to use so we can set up the integration from our end.

Please send an emai through to the support team with the following information:

- Name of organsiation within GameDay Passport

- Set Up Key/ API Key

They will then inform you when this has been set up and please how to configure livestats from GameDay Passport. Please click here for any FAQ's.