Registrations | Overview

GameDay Passport's Registrations module provides users at all levels with essential features that allow you to set up an end-to-end registration journey, including the ability to create registration forms and fees, collect online payment and receive settlements from incoming transactions.

To access the Registrations menu, click the arrow next to REGISTRATIONS in the left-hand menu:

The Registrations menu includes the below features:

Payment Configuration

Allows you to nominate a bank account to which incoming funds will be settled.

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Allows you to create fees that you can apply to your registration process for payment to be made by your members online.

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Promo Codes

Allows you to create generic discount codes that can be applied to products and redeemed by members on registration forms.

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Registration Forms

Allows you to create a customised registration process including fees, questions, promo codes, automated messaging and more.

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