Getting Started with Schedula

Schedula Online Appointments

This Getting Started guide covers the use Schedula for match officials. Along with distributing appointments, this tool will also be used for the management of an official’s availability throughout the season. This guide describes how you as an official can use Schedula to update your availability and manage your appointments.

1. Logging into Schedula: 

At the start of the season, you will be emailed your login credentials to your registered email address. In order to have access to Schedula, you must advise the league of a valid email address that is unique to you. If you have not done so, please contact your League official.

2. The Dashboard

When you login to Schedula, you will be presented with your customised Dashboard. This screen brings together your appointments, availability and messages from the League. Use this screen to navigate around and update your information, availability and to view and respond to your appointments.

3. Availability Management

Managing your availability online using Schedula allows the coaches making the appointments to only appoint those who are available. You can access and edit your availability settings by clicking the Update Availability button on the Dashboard, or selecting Dashboard > Schedula Profile > Manage Availability from the menu bar. There are two different types of availability you can set:

General Availability: This setting specifies when you are generally available. For example, you may be generally available all day Saturdays, but only available from 12pm onwards on Sundays.

Specific Availability: This setting allows you to enter in one-off notifications of availability or unavailability. For example, you may be generally available all day Saturdays, however on  Saturday 13th April 2013 you are unavailable for some reason. You would leave your general availability to 'available all day Saturdays' but would enter in a specific entry making you unavailable on Saturday 13th April.

You can also specify which Organisation and/or Region you wish to be available for. Selecting an individual Organisation is helpful if you are registered at one or more Organisations.

4. Receiving and Responding to Appointments

At a time specified by your League, you will receive an email from Schedula informing you that you have been appointed to a match. It is then your responsibility to login to Schedula, read the appointment details and respond to them. Below is a screen shot of the Match Details screen:

There are three main areas to this screen. First, the Match Details shows details such as the match date, time and location. You are also able to see who else is officiating in this match. The next main area is the Maps and Directions area which shows you a map and is able to generate driving directions for you (from your home address). The third and most important area is the Confirmation dialog.

You are required to respond to your appointment by using the Confirmation dialog. By confirming (or declining) your appointment, you are advising the League of your commitment for the upcoming match.

To confirm you have read and received your appointment, and that you will be officiating, click on the Confirm Appointment button. The Confirmation area will then change to a green box acknowledging that you have confirmed your appointment.