Schedula for Officials | Overview

Schedula Online Appointments

This guide covers the use of Schedula for match officials. Along with distributing appointments, this tool can also be used for the management of an official’s availability throughout the season. This guide describes how you, as an official, can use Schedula to update your availability and manage your appointments.

Logging In

Schedula URL: 

At the start of the season, you will be sent your Schedula login credentials to your registered email address. If you have not received an email with your credentials, your registration may not yet be approved/confirmed by your umpire organisation, so please contact them to double check this.

If you have any issues logging into Schedula, please contact your umpire organisation, who can assist with account details, including changing email addresses, appointments, and other tasks. If you already have Schedula access and you are unsure of your details, you can reset your password from the Schedula login screen by selecting the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? option


When you login to Schedula, you will be presented with your customised dashboard. This screen brings together your appointments, availability, and messages from any organisations with which you have an active membership. Use this screen to update your information and availability, view and respond to your appointments, and more.

1. Upcoming Appointments: See whether you have any upcoming appoints that have been allocated to you

2. Unread Pay Advices: View and download any pay advices that you haven't yet seen

3. Availability: Manage your availability preferences including general and specific availability, and see a calendar of your upcoming availability

4. Previous Appointments: See a log of the last five appointments of fixtures you have officiated

Confirming your Bank Account

As a Schedula user, adding an Attribute to your profile allows you to nominate the bank account into which you want to receive your official payments.

To add a new Bank Account Attribute to your Schedula profile:

1. Open the menu using the Burger icon, then click Schedula Profile > MANAGE YOUR PROFILE

2. Scroll down to the Attributes section, then click ADD ATTRIBUTE

3. Select Bank Account as your Attribute Type, and enter your BSB and Account Number

Your Bank Account will then be saved to your Schedula record which can be seen by league Schedula administrators and will be used to deposit payments owed

Note: If you need to change your Bank Account details, you will need to remove your existing Bank Account attribute and add a new one to your profile

Managing Availability

Managing your availability online using Schedula allows administrators making the appointments to only appoint those who are available on the date of the match.

You can access and edit your availability settings by clicking the UPDATE AVAILABILITY button on the dashboard, or selecting Dashboard > Schedula Profile > MANAGE AVAILABILITY from the menu. For more information on setting your availability, please click here.

Confirming Appointments

At a time specified by your league/association, you will receive an email from Schedula informing you that you have been appointed to a match. It is then your responsibility to login to Schedula, read the appointment details, and respond to them by clicking the MORE button under your Upcoming Appointments

You can then confirm or deny this appointment and see any relevant match details:

To see more about upcoming and previous appointments, click here.