Standard Websites | FAQs

Question: We have been contacted by a third party to request some advertising on our Gameday site.  I assume this would have to go through you guys, but just checking. 

AnswerIf the third party wish to advertise on your League site, it does not need to go through Gameday. You can add their logo via the 'Sponsor Information' or 'Major Sponsor' sections in the Widget Manager. 

Question: My competition seems to be missing some teams (including mine).  

Answer: Here's a few things you can do which may help:  

1. Remove the app from your phone, and download/install it again 

2. Remove any teams that you have added as 'favourites' on the app 

3. Select one of the other teams in the competition, click 'My Team' at the top-right hand side, then click 'All Teams' on the same spot and the full team list should appear.

Question: I am trying to upload photographs to the media library on my site. I am being told the file is too large. Please advise what is the size limit for files in the Media Library.    

Answer: The size limit for a file being uploaded into the media library is 4MB.

Question: When I post an excel spreadsheet on our web site, I lose all colour and borders.How can I preserve these?    

Answer: Content from Excel is only formatted to display in Excel. If you copy/paste this into a website, the website doesn't understand the Excel formatting. This is the same with MS Word and any other program. The website will try and interpret the formatting but the end result is almost always messy.  One solution is to either attach the file to be downloaded, or reproduce the spreadsheet as a table manually in the WYSIWYG editor. If you are copy/pasting from MS Word, we recommend that you copy/paste it into a text editor (ie Windows Notepad) to remove the formatting, then copy/paste it onto the website from there. This will result in much cleaner information that you can format as you like without too much trouble.

Question: My fixtures/ladders/results are missing or incorrect, what should I do?

Answer: If you notice that your fixtures, results or ladder is missing, out of date or incorrect you will need to contact your League to have this rectified. You should be able to find their office contacts somewhere on their website.  SportsTG does not manage this information, we only supply the software to the Leagues to manage this themselves.

Question: One of my menu items is displaying in IE but it appears under 'More' in Firefox/Chrome..

Answer: As Standard/Advanced Websites are designed to limit the menu to one line (grouping additional menu items into a 'more' menu item at the right side of the menu), on the odd occasion a website will display a particular menu item in one browser (ie Internet Explorer) and appear in 'more' in other browsers (ie Chrome, Firefox). The cause for this is that certain Internet Explorer renders fonts and padding slightly differently to other popular browsers (ie Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) which unfortunately is something we cannot do anything about at this stage. Users with a lot of menu items should be wary of this. We generally advise that clubs/leagues keep their number of menu items to a simple and logical minimum to assist in making the website as easy to read and navigate as possible. 

Question: I'm looking for my team and can't find it. What should I do?

Answer: Looking for your team fixture or ladder? You won't find it here, this page is for club and league administrators.  Try the google searching, if you can't find it there contact your club/league in case they're displaying this information elsewhere.

Question: How do I log in as a Website Editor

Answer: Once you have been authorised as a website editor, you will be able to log into the Website Editor Control Panel. Click on the Website Editor link at the bottom left hand corner of your website. Type in your Gameday Passport email address and password and click on OK.