How can I resolve a clash in my fixture?

The Fixture Grid is also a very valuable tool for identifying and resolving match clashes. A clash is created when two matches overlap each other at a certain venue on a given date. The Time Venue Required For (mins) field, which is set per competition at the Competition Details screen, is the field that is used to determine how long a match requires a venue.  

Note: This can be different to the Match Duration, also specified at the Competition Details screen, as it may include changeover or set-up time.  

Clash Display in the Fixture Grid  

When a clash is created on the system the matches involved in the clash will appear coloured red in the Fixture Grid.  In the example below both matches have been scheduled to start at 12:00am and are therefore displaying as a clash. 

It is important to note however, that matches do not necessarily need to start at the same time to be considered clashes in the system. They may overlap from one minute upwards.  

Clash Resolution in the Fixture Grid  

To resolve clashes in the Fixture Grid you can drag and drop or manually edit the date, time and/or venue details until there are no longer match overlaps.  

Once clashes are resolved the matches that were involved with the clash, which were coloured red, will become return to being white.    

Once the mouse is released and the match placed into its new slot the system re-checks for clashes and if these have been resolved all the matches turn white.