Funds Received Report

The following report will outline the key Fields required to generate a Funds Received report, so that you can reconcile funds received from participants with what appears on your organisations bank statement.

 For advice on compiling reports and different reporting functions, as well as output options please see the Using Reports area - Using Reports

To access this report, select the Reports Tab and select the Finance area. From there we will Configure a Funds Received Report and include the following fields:

  • Product
  • Payment For (who paid for the products - either member or team name (if using team to association forms))
  • Line Item Total
  • Money Received After Fees
  • Payment Date
  • Receiving Bank Code (BSB)
  • Receiving Account Number
  • Receiving Account Name
  • Distribution ID
  • Date Funds Sent by GameDay

In the Report Options area, we will set the following:

  • Sort By = Payment Date
  • Group By = Distribution ID

The Distribution ID is the series of numbers which display on your organisations bank statement. This report, grouped by Distribution ID will display a list of members as well as the amount and date they paid their registration fees.

The receiving bank code, account number and account name detail what bank account these funds have been sent to- these will match what is listed within the payment configuration section of your database. If these payment details are incorrect please submit a support request through to get these bank details changed: