Create a Registration Form

To get started with the Registration Form setup process you will firstly need to add a new form. This can be done at Club and Association level from within your Membership Database.

Please Note: For some sports, you are not able to Add a form, only Edit an existing form.  

Add a Registration Form

To Add a new Registration Form, select the Registration Forms option, found under the Registrations tab in your Membership Database.  

From within this screen, select the green Add New Form button. 

Settings Tab

When creating a new registration form, there are 6 tabs across the top that will assist you in this process. The first tab is Settings. This will allow you to choose some basic Registration Form framework. 

Type of Form: Please see our Registration Form Types article for further information

Form Enabled: This option will activate or deactivate your Registration Form

Payment is Compulsory: When this option is selected and there is at least one mandatory product, registrants must also pay online at the time of registration in order to complete the registration.  

Allow Member to Register as: This will allow members to register as either a Player, Coach, Match Official, Volunteer, Official or Misc. When a member registers as e.g. ‘Coach’, they will be assigned as a coach in your database.

Allow multiple registration: This will allow multiple members to be registered in the same session which is particularly handy for registering a family.  

Registration Options:

- Allow all registrations: Anyone can register through this registration form

- Allow new registrations if not in the national system: Only members who aren't currently in the national database can register

- Allow new registrations only if in national system: Only members who are currently in the national database can register

- Allow existing members only: Only allows members who have their Username and Password to register again

- Allow new registrations only: Doesn't display the Username and Password login and if Duplicates are found with this person then the member won't be allowed to proceed

- Allow new only if already in the association: This will allow new members but only if they are already entered into the association database

Fields Tab

The Fields Tab will allow you to add what fields, or questions display on your Registration Form. This can be in the form of Hidden, Read Only, Editable, Compulsory or Add Only (Compulsory).

Note: Fields are hierarchical, meaning if a level above your organisation e.g. National Body, State, Zone, Association has set a Field as Editable or Compulsory, it cannot be removed from your Registration Form and must be answered by participants. 

Layout Tab

The Layout Tab will allow you to configure the order in which your fields will display on your registration form. To arrange where a field displays on the registration form, click and drag the field and drop it to move it into a position on the form. It will save automatically. 

The Layout Tab will also allow you to add a Text or Header block on your registration form. To add a Header/Text Block, select the following option:

Enter your Block Label and Content. The Label will be the the Label of the Header in the Layout Tab and the Content will be what displays on your registration form. 

Below is an example that will display: “This will be your heading”.  

Below is a text block that will display: “This will be your text”  

You also have the ability to apply a Rule to a Header/Text Block. For example, hiding the Parent/Guardian fields from registrants over the age of 18. To add a Rule to a Header or Text Block, click the Rules button next to the corresponding field:

Choose either a gender or an age group as a rule and click save. 

Products Tab

The Products Tab will allow you to link previously created products to your registration form. Any products that you tick in the ‘Active’ column highlighted below will display on your registration form. 

The Mandatory option will set the product as pre-selected for the member accessing the Registration Form and is best used in conjunction with Compulsory Payments and Product Filters. 

You are also able to set a product Sequence, by entering a number into the box e.g. 1,2,3,4. 

For information on Creating a Product, please see our Create a Product article. 

Messages Tab

The Messages Tab allows you to add blocks of text throughout the registration form process to act as a guide for your members completing the form, including a dedicated section for Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions can be added in the Questions tab and can be made mandatory in order to proceed through the registration process.

Notifications Tab

The Notifications Tab allows you to choose who should receive emails following a completed registration. Ensure Organisation Contacts have been entered ensuring that the email is received as intended. For information on entering Contacts, please see our Contacts article.

Do you need more advice? See 'Related Articles' or submit a support request.