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What's the difference between Primary Purpose and Secondary Purpose when sending emails?

Primary Purpose/Implied Consent: This communication should be contained to include only information that, if not communicated would affect the administration of the game. For instance, if the game is postponed, cancelled, or forfeited, or if there is a change in time or location.

Secondary Purpose/Express Consent: This communication can contain information about the season (e.g., scores, statistics, weekly newsletters), special offers, promotions, and marketing. These communications can only go to those who have opted in to receive this information upon registration and have not opted out more than 7 days ago.

How will a member know if their Accreditation is due to expire?

Members will receive automatic expiry notifications when approaching their accreditation expiry date, including:

  • 90 Days before expiry
  • 30 Days before expiry
  • 7 Days before expiry

I've noticed multiple members with the same name and date of birth in my database. Can I merge them?

Yes. Members can be merge at Association level by going to Members > Duplicate Resolution in the left-hand menu, then selecting the applicable merge option for each individual duplicate match, or for all duplicates.

How can I rectify incorrect member data?

As an administrator, you can edit a member's record and rectify any information that may have been entered incorrectly by going to Members > List Members > View a member > Click any of the Edit buttons on the main member dashboard > Update the value of the applicable field > Click Update Member

Please note, if you are unable to edit a certain field, it may be locked off from editing at your level. Please contact your governing body for more information