How do I submit a Match Day Report?

Match Day Reports allow administrators to capture match day forms from team managers and match officials. Associations control what is accessible to whom in their database, and users login to complete these tasks via the Match Results portal.

This page covers the data entry processes related to Match Day reporting. If you would like to see the instructions on how to manage the creation and maintenance of the match day reports visit the Match Day Paperwork page.

To enter Match Day Reports:

1. Login to your Passport account.

Please note the following:

  • For Match Officials: Your Passport account must match the email address that you registered with in the current season.
  • For Team Managers: Your Passport account must be authorized by your club in the database. Click here to see how this is done.

If you don’t yet have a Passport account created, click REGISTER to create one.


3. Select your Organisation or Match Official Name

4. On your Match List, find a match you want to enter a Match Day report to, then click POST GAME

5. Select the MATCH DAY REPORTS tab, then select the report you want to complete:

6. Answer the questions as required by your league, then click SUBMIT once completed.

If you have any queries during this process please contact your league office for further assistance.