Teams | Overview

As a National, State, Association or Club administrator with a multi-tiered hierarchy, you have the ability to manage a set of Teams that can be nested under specific clubs within the hierarchy.

With Teams included in your hierarchy, you can create and manage the details of any of your teams, and provide access for other administrators to access individual team databases, which in turn can grant that administrator access to manage the team's members, staff, transactions, online results process and more.

To access the Teams list from an Association or Club database, click TEAMS in the left-hand menu:

Team List

Your Team List will show you any teams that already exist within the Club, with a range of information including:

  • Team Name
  • Competition
  • Season
  • Default Age Group
  • Team Primary Contact
  • Team Contact Email
  • Team Contact Phone Number
  • Active Status


Your Team List offers a number of actions, including:

1. Add: Allows you to add a new team from scratch.

2. Login to Team: Login to a specific team database.

3. Search: Search for teams by name.

4. Season Filter: Filter your teams by the season they participate in.

5. Age Group Filter: Filter your teams by their default age group.

6. Status Filter: Filter your teams by active/inactive status.

7. Status Toggle: Tick or un-tick the checkbox to switch the team between active and inactive status.

For more information on processes relevant to Teams, please refer to the Related Articles section of this article.