RFL: Rewards4 Rugby League FAQs

Rewards4 Rugby League FAQ's

How do we enable the option for Rewards4 within the registration form?

The Rewards4 option will become active as long as there is a matching email from an existing Rewards4 account and a membership product type from the RFL is available for purchase on a registration form. The Rewards4 spend option will display on the Products screen before payment (see below screenshot)

Note: Rewards4 redemption will only display if the Rewards4 account has a minimum balance of £10.00

If someone forgets to apply Rewards4 spend  is there another way they can redeem this?

Rewards4 points can only be redeemed via the registration form at the time of purchase.

A member had more funds available to spend than the total amount but was still required to pay, why is that?

If a member applies their spend and is still prompted to pay before completing the registration, this could be related to a few things:

1. The products selected are over the Rewards4 spend amount available

2. The member has selected other products, eg. some sort of merchandise or Club-level products, which cannot be redeemed with Rewards4 points

Can I report on the vouchers used within the registration form?

Yes - there is a dedicated Rewards4 Report

  • Report on who has redeemed Rewards4 points by selecting the Start / End Dates when propmted after selecting the Run report button

Alternatively, you can run a transaction report (reports > finance > transactions) with the following fields:

  • Product
  • Payment For
  • Item Cost
  • Order Total
  • Transaction Date
  • Payment Date
  • Rewards4 Member ID
  • Rewards4 Amount Applied