Exporting Game files from Courtside

Exporting game files from Courtside

If errors occur when trying to sync, download or upload games from either the Courtside programs and you have bought this up with the support team, they may ask you to send through the game files from the affected matches. 

What the support team requires from the association when you are needing to send these files through are:

- The game files from the matches that were affected

- A list of all the matches that were affected:

  1. The date the matches were played on
  2. The competitions that were affected
  3. The courts that were affected
  4. The teams that played in those matches (and final scores if you do happen to know them)

The above information allows the team to determine what games they need to look into so please be as specific as possible - feel free to write this list in a word doc or screenshot (of the match results) with the highlighted games affected.


Please note when attempting to send the game files from Courtside you need to go back to the dates that were affected individually and do the same process below for each of the days- we only store game data for three days before and three days after. If your games were played more than three days before you submitted the request unfortunately we won't be able to find any game data from those matches so we won't be able to upload any results for those matches. In this case you need to go in and manually add the final scores to each of the games.

1. Load the app

2. Go to admin

3. Export game files

4. Select the matches that are affected

5. Select email on the bottom of the screen

6. Open your email account

7. With the email please ensure that you put the name of your association within the email (or subject line) so we know the association we need to upload these games to as well as the information listed above relating to the games.

8. Send the email

9. If you have a support ticket open regarding this with a support team members please email them to let them know you have sent the files so they can look for these within the support centre.

Note: Some files that you may send through may not have the correct data, only partial data or no data at all. If the support team member informs you that they have not been able to upload data from certain games, unfortunately there is no other way to get this game data, so you will need to go into the games and manually add a final score for those teams.