Troubleshoot | Duplicate Members in Reports

When you are customising and running your reports, you may notice that certain field inputs create a duplication of participants.

This is by design, and is in place as a way of providing you with all the data you have configured on your report.

For example: 

If you are creating an Advanced Member Report and include the Product field, the report will include all products associated with a given member.

As a result, if a member has purchased two products as part of their registration, the report output will provide two rows for that member.

If you are aiming to generate a more specific report without duplication of members, or want to present the report in a more structured way, below are some tips that you can use in your report build.

Use Filters to define a more specific report output

When you are configuring your report, you can filter each of your fields to only show a specific value. 

To apply a filter on your report configuration page:

1. Find the field that is creating the duplication

2. Click the Filter option next to that field

3. Apply a filter. For example, if you want a report that only includes a specific product, or group of products, you can select the relevant products from the drop-down menu with an Equals join.

Use the Group By output option to re-structure the way your report displays.

1. Scroll down to the Options section, and click the Group By option

2. Select the field that you want to use to group the report display.

3. Run your report. You will notice the structure and presentation of your report change, by separating out each instance of the grouped field and listing members accordingly.