Football Australia: Post-Game Results Entry

  1. Hover over Competitions and click on 'Match Results'.  


2.  Click on 'Post - Game' and enter the following details if needed.  Add the Half Time Score and Full Time Score. Once done, add scorers if required. If a match goes into Extra Time or Penalties, utilise the "After Extra Time (AET) Score or "Penalty Shoot Out Score" fields and ensue the Team Result (Won/Lost) is reflective of the result.  

Click on 'Add Scorer' to record a scorer for each goal and choose the type of goal (Normal, Penalty or Own Goal). You can also add the time the goal was scored and indicate injury time if required.  

Please ensure that the scorers listed match the half time/full time score.   

Add a Yellow or Red Card:  

Click on 'Add Recipient' to:

- Record individual who received each Card.

- Add the time for each Card that has been awarded (indicate injury time if required).

Please ensure that the yellow and red cards that are listed match the half time/full time total. 


Add a Substitution:  

Click on 'Add Substitution' to:

-Record the time of Substitution (indicate injury time if required).

- Select the Player coming OFF

- Select the Player coming ON  

3. Once completed - click on 'Update Match Scores'.  

Website Front-end Display: 

The below example of a Match Centre, displays how Teams and Players are portrayed on the website front end based on the data entered in the previous screens.