Football: Post-Game Results Entry

As an Associations running a Football competition, you can enter results and statistics in line with the sport's competition requirements by following the steps below:

Opening the Match Results Portal

In the left-hand menu, click Competitions > MATCH RESULTS


Click POST GAME next to the match for which you want to enter results

Entering Match Statistics

Enter the relevant details as needed. Common Football-specific match statistics include:

  • Half Time Score
  • Full Time Score
  • After Extra Time (AET) Score
  • Penalty Shoot Out Score
  • Own Goals
  • Yellow Cards
  • Red Cards
  • Substitutions
  • Result (Won/Lost): This field will automatically update based on the final score entered in the fields above

Note: Statistics and results fields are configured through the Team Statistics Template assigned to the competition

You can also use the ADD options to record a scorer, recipient, penalty or substitution, depending on the field.

Note: Be sure to check that the scorers listed match the half-time/full-time score before saving

Adding a Yellow or Red Card

Click ADD RECIPIENT next to the Yellow Card or Red Card field to:

  • Select the individual who received the Card
  • Add the timestamp for each Card that has been awarded (indicate injury time if required)

Note: Be sure to check that the yellow and red card recipients that are listed match the half-time/full-time total


Adding a Substitution


  • Record the time of Substitution (indicate injury time if required)
  • Select the Player coming OFF
  • Select the Player coming ON

Once completed, click UPDATE MATCH SCORES

Website Front-end Display

The below example of a Match Centre displays how Teams and Players are portrayed on the website front end based on the data entered in the Match Results portal.