Share Contact Numbers with Colleagues

Schedula provides Officials the ability to share phone numbers with other Officials online. By sharing your details, others can contact you to either arrange a car pool or contact another Official if someone is running late. Sharing a phone number is optional, and your number is not shared with others by default. 

Note: Only you have the ability to share your numbers with others. Administrators and Appointments Officers cannot share your numbers with others on your behalf. Schedula respects your privacy, and understands that you may not want to share your phone numbers with others. This system is completely opt-in, and you are always in full control of your share settings. 

1. Getting Started

To share a phone number, you first must make sure you have a phone number registered in your Profile. Once you have phone numbers attached to your profile, you can choose one or many to share with others. When you do share your number, it will appear on the Match Detail screen where others appointed to the same match will be able to see.

2. Sharing and Un-Sharing your Contact Numbers

To share your contact numbers:

1. Open your Profile by navigating to Dashboard>Manage Your Profile.

2. On your profile, scroll down to Phone Numbers.

3. To share your number, select the Share Number with Colleagues check-box. You will see a popup dialog appear confirming you have shared your number.

4. To un-share your number, deselect the Share Number with Colleagues check-box. You have now changed the share options for your phone number(s). 

When you share your number, you will be able to see it on the Match Details screen below: