How do I view the members in a Team?

If you are a team administrator, log into the team database and skip to step 3.  

1. If you have logged in at the association or club level of Passport, click on TEAMS in the main menu. 

2. The list of teams will appear. Locate the team for which you want to view members and click the magnifying glass against the team.

You can use the 'Showing - Season' filter to view all teams in that particular competition season or the 'Age Group' filter to view all teams in a particular age group. The search box can also be used to quickly locate the team by typing in the team name.    

3. The team 'dashboard' will open. Click the drop down arrow against MEMBERS > LIST MEMBERS.   

4. The list of members belonging to the team will appear.    

5. To quickly find a certain member record, typing the member's surname into the 'Family Name' search box.  The filters can be used to view specific groups of team members according to season, age group, active status or member type.

6. To view a members record, click the MAGNIFYING GLASS against the name of the member to view details about them.

Here you can make changes to a members record (depending on permissions set at club/association level). Teams managers may not be able to edit a members record, if so please contact the club directly who can make these changes. If clubs cannot edit this information please contact the association directly, as they can edit this information or change permissions to allow the club to make these changes.