How do I view a list of clearances for my organisation?

To access the Clearances List and the various clearance options available:  

1. Log into your relevant club or association level.

2. Click the drop down arrow against MEMBERS > LIST ONLINE TRANSFERS/CLEARANCES.

3. The list of transfers will appear - you can filter based on what status the clearance/permit has/is at.

If you cannot see any clearances here it could be the clearance season is set incorrectly- if the clearance list is in the wrong year, speak to your state or national body who will need to update this.

Clearance/permit statues:

  • Approved: clearances that have been approved by your level
  • Pending: those that are still in progress and are still needing approval from your or other levels.
  • Denied: those transfers that have been denied 
  • Cancelled: those transfers that have been cancelled.
  • Awaiting approval from this level: the clearance needs to be approved/denied by your organisation admin.
  • All: all clearances with all statuses.

How do I see where the clearance/permit is at in the process?

If you need to see what level a clearance/permit request is at, then if you click on the relevant record and you scroll towards the bottom, you will see where this is currently sitting and the status of that request.

You can then contact the relevant organisation to move on the request if it has been sitting there a while.