How do I view program registration history for a member?

Admins have the ability to check what programs a member is currently registered to or has been registered to in the past via their member profile within the organisation.

This can only be seen if the organisation is currently running programs and the member has been registered to programs at some point. If the member has not been part of a program within your organisation but has been in another organisation, your organisation won't be able to see this - you can only view program history of a member within your organisation.

To view the program history of a member:

1. Log into your organisation.

2. Members > List Members.

3. Search for the member within the search bar in the member list.

4. Click the magnifying glass against the members record.

5. Hover over MEMBER HISTORY > select PROGRAMS.

Here you will see a list of current/previous programs this member has been part of.

This is a read-only screen and any changes needing to be made need to be done in the program itself.