Managing Program Templates

Program Templates are created and managed at Program management level (usually National or State level). This allows Program managers to create templates that are used by Program facilitators (Clubs or Centres) to create a Program using a Program Template. 

Create a Program Template

To create a Program Template, complete the following steps:    

Step 1: Log into your organisation at state level and select programs

Step 2: Select program template List 

Step 3: Click the add button in the top right hand corner to create a new program template

Step 4: Click "Create Program Template" once you have finished adding in the details of your program template

Adding a logo to your program template

Step 1: Return to the list of Program Templates and click on the magnifying glass icon to view your template 

Step 2: Click add/edit logo on the right of the screen

Step 3: Click add/edit logo if you wish to change the desired photo. Otherwise, click update Program Template at the bottom of the page.

You have now successfully added a logo to your Program Template. The Program Logo will display on the Registration form for all Programs that utilise this Program Template.

Deleting unwanted Program Templates

If you no longer want a program template, you can either delete the template or remove the "Active status" of the template.

Deleting template

Step 1: Click delete Program Template in the top right hand corner when viewing a template

Step 2: A pop up will be displayed on the screen. Press OK.

Your program template is now deleted.

Removing the "Active" status of a template

Active program templates will have a green tick next below their status. To remove the active status, view the program template and follow the steps below.

 Step 1:Under Program Template Details, click on the green tick next to "Active" so that is no longer green.

Step 2: Click Update Program Template at the bottom of the page and you will get a confirmation that the Program template is no longer active.

There wont be a green tick under the status column in the Program Template list after a template has been made inactive.

You have now successfully updated the status of your Program Template.

Managing Program Template Permissions

Organisations are able to edit permissions within each Program Template. This provides the functionality of making specific information fields READonly or Compulsory. Checking the compulsory box means the user will not be able to complete the form, without inputting the required information.  

Step 1: To edit permissions, click "Edit" under the permissions column.

Step 2: Select the permissions for the information field by checking the boxes within the correct Readonly/Compulsory column. The Box will turn blue when selected.

Step 3: Save your changes when you're finished by clicking on "update permissions" at the bottom of the page.