Football: Viewing accredited participants

Getting Access to the system

Firstly ensure you have a GameDay Passport. To sign up for one head to this article - Passport: How to sign up to Passport.

If you already have a GameDay Passport but do not have access to your club data database:

  • If you are a Club administrator, you need to contact your League/Association. 
  • If you are a League/ Association administrator, you need to contact your State or National Governing Body.  

For more information on how users are granted admin access head to this article - Obtain Access to your Membership Database

View Accreditation Records for my club

There are three different views of individuals with accreditations within the database.

Club List of individuals

This option will display a list of records with an affiliation to your organization that have an accreditation. 

Once you have logged into your club database:

Go to Individuals > List Accreditations

A list of records for your club will then be presented to you.

Clicking on the magnifying glass next to the record will load a screen with further information on the accreditation record for the individual.

Accreditation Report

This report allows you to configure your clubs accreditation information in an exportable format.

Once you have logged into your club database: 

Click on Reports.

Once the page loads click on Accreditation

Then click on 'Configure' for the National Accreditation Report which will load up the report builder.

In the report builder, you can click and drag fields from each of the sections into the selected fields area.

Once all fields required have been selected click on 'Report Report' to view the output.

Member Dashboard Display

You can view an individuals accreditation history from their member record in the database.

Once you have logged into your club database: 

Click on Individuals > List Individuals

Click on the magnifying glass for the individual you want to view.

On the member's page, you can view current accreditations on their dashboard or

Click on Accreditations to view their full history.