How do I create a Course Template?

Create a Template at Node Level

From National Level:

1. Hover over Courses and click Course Templates.

3. Click Add.

4. Give Template a Name.

5. Select the Course Template Attributes

(This relates to how the course will be filtered in the Map Finder, if the relevant attribute is not present it can be added in Courses > Attributes) 

6. Select Qualifications that will be given as a result of course completion (select at least one)

7. Select Course Time Frame (Earliest/ Latest Start Date)

8. Choose the registration form (created above) that users will complete to register to the course.

9. Click 'Create Course Template'.

10. Once you have created the template base you can return to the templates screen to configure permissions, roles and course modules.

11. Hover over Courses and click Course Templates.

12. Click on Edit under the Permissions column for your course template.

Within this section you are able to set permissions around fields you have previously defined in your template which can control the information that your Centre can modify and what settings must be enforced from a National Level.

13. Once you are satisfied with your settings you can click Update Permission to save your changes.

14. Next step is to define the modules that are linked to a course template. Return to the Course Templates Screen and Click on Add (or View/Edit) under the Module Templates column for your course template.

15. The Module Template screen will display any existing modules created for the template. To create additional modules click the Add button.

Note: Each module becomes are criteria or competency that must be achieved and marked off before a course is completed and any outcomes are awarded to a participant.

16. To add a new module you need to give it a name and then click Create Module Template.