How do I set up my Team List for the Courtside App?

In order for members to show in the available list on courtside, they first need to be added to the teams within the association database (if they haven't already pre-register to their teams).

Firstly, login to your Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

NOTE: if players have registered to the team via a member to team form, then they will already show in the team so these steps are not relevant.

1. From the menu, click the Teams tab.

2. Ensure that the season setting is to the correct season your competitions are currently in and the filter is set to active and all age groups in order to display the correct teams.

3. Click into a team via the magnifying glass icon.

4. This is now the team dashboard: hover over Members and select Modify Team Members.

5. Available players will appear on the left hand side, where if you click on the plus sign (+) or their name, it will move them over into the selected players list.

NOTE: if members are not showing on the left hand side box, check the filters to make sure they are set to the correct season and have no gender or DOB range set. If members still don't show in the left hand box after checking this, please contact support directly as this will most likely be related to players or teams not being in the same club, in which support can show you how to fix.

6. Add all players needed for this team.

7. Click save once you have all members selected.

8. These members will appear in the member list for this team, which will feed through into Courtside.

NOTE: to pre assign team numbers for players see the following article adding player numbers.

9. Repeat steps 3-7 for all other teams that will be using Courtside.