Member Profile | Overview

Passport's Member Profile Portals allows members of any organisation utilising GameDay Passport to login to a front-end portal to view and manage their information including contact details, registration history, statistics, transactions and more.

Member Profile is available for all Passport users, however only specific sports will have custom branding, and each sport has a unique URL through which it can be accessed (see below). Member Profile is only available if you are a member of this sport or organisation.

Member Profile portal links

Accessing Member Profile Portal from GameDay Website

To access the login links for Member Profile Portals for each sport - click here

These links are also listed below:



Accessing Member Profile Portal from Passport

As a Passport administrator, you can also access your sport's Member Profile Portal link in your organisation's database as below, which can then be sent around to your members or placed on your website or social media channels:

Association & Club Administrators

1. On your Passport dashboard, click Members > LIST MEMBERS in the left-hand menu

2. At the top of your Member List, click VIEW MEMBER PROFILE PORTAL

Above Association Level

1. Click the MEMBER PROFILE PORTAL option in the left-hand menu

Navigating your Member Profile

As a member logging into your Member Profile, follow the steps below to navigate around the portal:

1. Use your email address and password to login to your Member Profile. These should be the same credentials as you used to complete your registration.

Note: Depending on your sport, your member profile may be branded differently to the below example

2. If your email address is linked to multiple Members, you will be given the option to choose which member dashboard you would like to access. If you have only one member assigned to your profile you will be immediately directed to the profile as per Step 3.

3. Once you have successfully logged in, you can change the member (if linked to multiple) in the top-right hand corner of the page by clicking the SELECT MEMBER option.

On the Member Profile dashboard, you have a number of options for customising and viewing information:

1. Add/Edit Photo: Allows you to customise the photo that appears on your record

2. View Details: View your basic details including date of birth, gender and contact information if given

3. View QR Code: Allows you to access your QR Code, which can be used to check-in to matches - Learn More

4. Edit Profile: Allows you to view or update contact information

5. History: Displays your playing history including previous organisations you have played with

6. Transactions: Displays a history of transactions processed, including paid, unpaid or cancelled transactions

7. Documents: Displays any documents that have been attached to your member record

8. Qualifications: Displays any Qualifications achieved and stored against your member record

9. Programs: Displays any Programs you have previously enrolled in

10. Permissions: Displays your current permissions and preferences including Opt-ins, Terms & Conditions and Newsletters

11. Statistics: Displays your current season and career statistics

12. Account Settings: Allows you to update your account login email

13. Sign Out