Schedula | Pre-Appointment Checklist

As a Schedula administrator, you can manage your end-to-end official appointment process and make use of the platform-integrated calendar and communication facilities.

If you're new to Schedula, the below checklist will help you understand the different components that go into making this system work seamlessly and, with a one-time setup approach, you can unlock an efficient and powerful scheduling system through which to manage your officials.

The recommended steps and order for setting up your Schedula database before making appointments are below:

  1. Set up your Official Panels: Official Panels allow you to set up custom groups for your officials, allowing you to easily make appointments based on specific groupings within your organisation's official structure - Learn More
  2. Set up your Pay Periods: Schedula allows you to define specific date ranges known as Pay Periods, which act as a custom payment cycle and tell the system which officials are due to be paid based on the matches to which they are appointed - Learn More
  3. Set up your availability Regions: Schedula allows you to define Regions that officials can make themselves available to, which is a defined by a collection of venues within your organisation - Learn More
  4. Set up your Pay Rates: Pay Rates allow the system to calculate how much an official is owed when appointed to a match, based on variables including the competition, official type, and number of officials appointed to a single match - Learn More
  5. Provide Admin Access: If you have other administrators in your organisation that need to access Schedula, you can grant them access provided they are already in the database as an Official - Learn More