How do I enable a field to show on member records?

Associations sometimes create custom fields on a registration form that they would like visible on a members profile so they can edit this information if needed. These fields need to be configured correctly in order to display on a members profile. This also applies for those fields that already exist/have already been created.

NOTE: Only an association can configure these fields to display on a members profile - if you are a club then you will need to speak to your association directly who can configure these fields to display.

If you are a state or national body you also have the ability to edit these fields as well, and the process will be the same, you will just need to do it from state or national level.

These fields can be configured to display on a members profile at two levels:

  • For my level (association)
  • For levels below (club)

* The registraion option is related to how you want to display it on the registration form itself.

If you want to add specific questions to forms or members profiles please contact your association who can add these for you and then you can configure.

1. Log into your association database.

2. Create your custom fields if not already done so. Custom field creation can be found here.

3. Click on the settings cog on the right hand side of the database and click SETTINGS.


Here you will see a list of fields and tabs for each of the different fields. Below is an explanation of what each of them refer to.

  • MEMBER FIELDS: those fields that will displayed within the member profile when adding or editing.
  • CLUB FIELDS: when adding or editing a club these fields will show.
  • TEAM FIELDS: when adding or editing teams these fields will show.

The colour within each field are as below:

  • WHITE: standard fields- these are hardcoded fields already within the system that cannot be changed and are used normally for members.
  • BLUE: custom fields - these are any custom questions your association/league has created.
  • GREEN - unlimited custom fields- these are custom questions a higher level like state or national have created.

5. Scroll down to find the field you created and click on the NAME.

6. Select how you would like this field to display FOR MY LEVEL.

7. Optional: Select how you would like this field to display FOR LEVELS BELOW (if you a club this is redundent). .

The most common configurations are EDITABLE and COMPULSORY.

NOTE: if you are unable to edit these fields it will mean that a level higher than you has set this to a specific option so it will override your level and you cannot change. You need to speak with them if you wish to have this changed.

Fields can in several ways:

  • Let levels below choose - this gives clubs the ability to choose how they want this to display on their member profiles. This option is best if you are not fussed with whether or not clubs choose to use this field or not or if the field created has come from a club level request.
  • Hidden - this means the field does not appear within a member profile at all.
  • Read Only- this field will display as optional on the members profile however it cannot be edited- only use this option if the answer to this field won't change (e.g birth certificate number).
  • Editable - this means that the field will display on the members profile but it can be left blank if they don't want to answer this field.
  • Compulsory - this means that the field will display on the members profile and it must be filled out before saving their profile- it cannot be left blank.
  • Add only compulsory - this means the field will appear on the members profile as compulsory but it cannot be edited - it is best to aviod using this option as it rarely needing to be used.

9. Once you have selected how you need that field to display on a members profile, click SAVE OPTIONS > you can then view the members profile to see this field.

How do I view these fields within a members profile?

1. Within your database, click the arrow against MEMBERS > LIST MEMBERS.

2. Find the relevent member and click into their profile.

3. Fields will be displayed here.

If you cannot see it on the main page of their member profile, click edit against the MEMBER SUMMARY and SHOW ALL and the field will be towards the bottom of the profile. 

If this field was filled in via a registration form, the field will automatically appear with the answer from the form, if not you will need to manually fill this in.