Advanced Fixture Report

The following reports will outline the key Fields required to generate a Fixtures Report or a Weekly Fixture report. It is encouraged that this report be tailored to suit your organisations needs.

For advice on compiling reports and different reporting functions, as well as output options please see the Using Reports area - Using Reports


To access this report, select the Reports Tab and select the Competitions area. From there we will Configure an Advanced Fixture Report and include the following fields:

  • Season filter this to EQUALS and select the current season
  • Competition Name
  • Competition Active filter this to EQUALS and select Yes
  • Round Number
  • Match Date
  • Match Time
  • Team 1
  • Team 2
  • Venue Name

If you want to report on results that have been input in previous rounds, you can select the relevant fields from the results tab.


This report will provide the fixture for the next 7 days for all of your association/club teams across all competitions. To access this report, select the Reports Tab and select the Competitions area.

Please note that the fields cannot be changed in this report as they are hardcoded.


Participants and parents from clubs also have the ability to view a season fixture report from the clubs website.

1. To find this report, you will need to Google search for the association/league website

2. Click on the club websites menu and select your club

If this menu is not visible on the site, click into the fixtures and results page, find your team > click into the team and then select club website which will take you to the homepage for the club

3. Click on the club reports menu

4. Click on club fixture this report will open in a new tab

5. Print the current screen (crtl P)