Competition Options | Overview

Below are detailed examples of how to edit headings under the Competition Options area within the Website Editor Control Panel.  

Firstly, scroll down to the bottom of your website and click 'Site Editor'. You will then be shown the Website Editor Control Panel.

If you aren't able to access the website editor function for your Club website (either the previous editor is no longer at the Club, or the site hasn't had an editor before), then please click here. Alternatively , if your website already has a website editor, this person can authorise you as an additional website editor themselves. If you are a club, you must contact your Association for access.

Hide Competitions 

1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Comp Options underneath the Manage Display heading.

2. The Competition Options screen allows you to do two things:

  • Set a feature competition which will be anchored to the top of the list on the Fixtures/Results page:
    -  Select a feature competition by choosing it from the drop down list
  • Hide competitions from appearing on the website:
    -  Tick the boxes corresponding to the competitions you wish to hide.
  • Click on Update to save the changes    

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Add Comments on Games  

Anyone can comment for a game listed in the result service. Clicking on the blue Post a new comment link will enable comments to be made by members.  

Website editors at the association level can remove inappropriate comments posted by members if required. A ‘Delete Post’ button will appear for association editors only at the bottom of the comment page. Clicking the ‘Delete Post’ button will permanently remove the comment.    

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Manage Players (Team Only Option)  

This option will appear in the Site Administration Control Panel for team websites only. Team websites are created when an association uploads a competition from Gameday Passport. Players entered into the team through Passport will appear on the team website. This is a profile section and works in exactly the same way as a normal Profile section by allowing you to edit player profiles for the team.    

Because the players are uploaded from Gameday Passport, this section cannot be edited through the Content Manager. This information will still be visible on the team website even if you choose to activate the Copy Club Content option.

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Ladder Predictor

The Ladder Predictor is available for AFL, Basketball, Football and is developed to allow visitors to your site, easily predict upcoming matches and see if their team can make the finals. The Ladder predictor has seven templates which can be configured for each competition. Also the Predictor can be configured to display or be hidden by individual competition (instructions below).  

To configure it in the back end:

1. Scroll to the bottom of your webpage and click 'Website Editor'.              

2. Scroll to Manage Display and click 'Comp Options'.          

There will be additional information in the backend for AFL, Basketball and Rugby League besides the feature competition information. 

3. In the below image, you can find information about the available templates.  

Choose which template you wish to use from each competition and choose whether to hide the ladder or not.  There is also a bulk hide and bulk template chooser so that you can make all your competitions the same if required.          

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Store Results

This stores the information locally in the users browser so they won't have to enter in their predictions again the next time. (It will not be there if they store it and try it in another browser on their phone). When the round is played the score gets over written with the real game score, which is put in by the association.  Currently their is no functionality to compare your predictions with the actual results

Please Note: It is currently only available for 'normal' competitions, not pools or knock out competitions and does not cater for manual ladder adjustments made by the association (which includes all competitions that have been regraded).

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