Move Members between Clubs

An association is able to move members from one club to another using the ‘Edit Clubs‘ function. This option is not available to clubs.

To change the club that a member belongs to:  

Firstly, login to your Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

1. From the Association level of Membership, click on Members in the menu and select List Members.  

2. Locate the member record that you want to edit (you may find the search box, or Advanced Search options, useful for quickly locating a particular member). 

3. Click on the View Record  button next to the name of the member you want to move to another club.

4. Click on Member History in the menu and select Clubs.  

5. The club history of the member will appear. In the below example, the player belongs to Aberfeldie. To move the player into another club, click on Edit Clubs.  

6. A list of clubs within the association will appear. In the below example, it can be seen that the player is currently active within Aberfeldie for the 2014 season. The season that appears for the Edit clubs screen (in the below example, 2014), is the 'Current Season' which is set by the association.   

7. Move the member out of their current club by clicking the 'inactive' radio button next to that club. This will remove their 'active' status in that club.

8. Alternately, if the member will be active in both clubs, leave the 'active' radio button selected for their current club. Move the member into their new club by clicking the 'active' radio button next to their new club. 

9. You also have the option of 'registering' the member into the Current Season by ticking the 'Participates in Current Season?' check box. You may then select whether the member is a player, coach or official in the club for the Current Season using the check boxes provided.  

10. An association can also delete a member from a club. Select 'Delete from Club' to completely remove the member's record from that club.  

Note: Before you can select whether the member is a player, coach or official in the Current Season, you must tick the 'Participates in Current Season' check box.  

11. Click on Save Clubs to update the member's club information.  

12. A message will appear confirming that the member's club information has been changed. 

13. You can check/view the member's club information by:  

a. Clicking on Member History > Clubs in the top menu:   

b. Clicking on Dashboard in the top menu:  

In this example, you can also see that by ticking the 'Participates in Current Season' check box, the member has been registered into the Current Season (2014)

Note: Clubs in which the member is inactive will have ‘read-only‘ access to the member‘s details (I.e. They can see the member‘s record but can only edit their basic contact details.  

The member record will only appear in the Member List when the club status filter is set to 'Inactive':  

When they view the member's record, the club does not have access to all of the menu options available for active members. The only menu item available is 'Dashboard'. The member also appears as 'Not Registered'.      

In comparison, here is the view from the club in which the member is active. They have full access to all menu items and the member appears as 'Registered':