Manually adding a member to a program

Admins now have the ability to manually add members to individual programs however, members need to be first registered to the club or league/association first. 

NOTE: if you do not see this configuration enabled, please contact our support team to get this turned on. However, if you are an organisation that is part of a national sporting body you will need to speak to your state contact first to get permission to turn this on as it may not be possible based on the sports business rules and how they would like to manage members.

1. Log into the level (state,assoc,club etc) where the program is being run from.

Manually add the member/s to the organisation 

2. Members > List Members > Add.

Locate the program where the member needs to be added.

3. Programs > Click VIEW MEMBERS (under Members heading) against the relevant program.

4. Click the ADD button in the top right hand side.

5. Select the relevant member from the drop down list.


7. A confirmation page will appear to confirm you want to add this member. Click Add Member.

8. A screen will display confirming member has been added to the program. Click the button to go back to the member list for the program where this member now appears.

9. Repeat for other members needing to be added to the program.