Active & Creative Kids Vouchers | FAQs

The Services NSW government voucher system, Active & Creative Kids, encourages school-age children to participate in sports. The voucher has a value of $100. GameDay Passport offers the functionality for parents to use these vouchers when registering their children to eligible Active & Creative Kids providers.

Who can use a voucher?

The Services NSW rules around these vouchers are as follows:

  • Available to all children 4.5 - 18 years old
  • Children must be enrolled in school, including homeschooling and TAFE
  • Children must live in NSW
  • The sporting organisation accepting the voucher must be in NSW
  • Vouchers are valid for the calendar year (1 Jan – 31 Dec)
  • Vouchers can only be used once
  • Vouchers can only be used for 1 child; each child needs a separate voucher
  • Vouchers can be used for registrations and equipment provided and required for competition.
  • Parents must apply for the vouchers and require the voucher number and a pin

What the voucher cannot be used for:

  • Multiple registrations in different organisations
  • More than one child, each child must have their own voucher
  • Items such as jerseys, socks and boots
  • Registrations for an organisation outside of NSW
  • Children who live outside NSW
  • Children not enrolled in school
  • Activities less than 8 weeks and/or not structured
  • School-run competitions

How are the vouchers applied?

GameDay includes functionality for NSW vouchers to be accepted online when registering children into a sport. You can still register multiple children at the same time and use vouchers for all of them. The only change is adding and validating the voucher before checking out.

Each voucher has a value of $100. There are several different scenarios possible for using the voucher.

If a registration fee is over $100, then $100 will be deducted from the cost of the registration fee, with the remaining amount to be paid online.

If a registration fee is under $100, then the value of the registration fee will be deducted. The residual amount will not be used.

If there are multiple registration fees in 1 order for 1 child, such as a state and club registration, the $100 will first be applied to the most expensive registration fee, and the remaining, if any, will be applied to the next registration fee.

If the total of 2 or more registration fees for 1 child is over $100, then the full value of the voucher will be used.

If the total of 2 or more registration fees for 1 child is under $100, then the value of the registrations will be deducted. The residual amount will not be used.

How do I register using a voucher?

1. Login to the registration form for your sporting organisation, and complete all mandatory information

2. At the checkout screen after you confirm a product selection, the voucher input field will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Add the voucher number and click VALIDATE. If your voucher is valid, you will see a confirmation message that the voucher has been validated.

Note: If you do not validate the voucher, it will not deduct the balance from the total amount due.

Once validated, the checkout page will show the amount owed, reflecting the voucher deduction.