Assign Members to Teams

Any club member can be added to a team within that club. Follow these instructions to select the club members that will participate in a team.  

Firstly, login to your Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

1. If you are a team administrator, log into the team Membership database (skip to step 4). If you have logged in at the association or club level of Membership, click on Teams in the main menu. 

2. The list of teams will appear. Locate the team that you want to assign members to. You can use the filters provided to narrow down your search.   

The search box can also be used to quickly locate the team by typing in the team name.  

Open the team record clicking on the view   button next to the team in the Teams List (or if you have used the search box, by clicking on the team name from the drop-down list).

3. The team 'dashboard' will open. Click on Members in the menu and from the drop-down menu select List Members.

4. The list of members belonging to that team will appear. Click on Modify Member List.  
Alternately, you can click on Members in the top menu and select Modify Team List.    

5. The 'Modify Member List' screen will open for the team. From here you can move club members in and out of the team. The list on the left hand side shows the 'Available Members', i.e. the club members based on the filters selected. On the right hand side is a list of the 'Selected Members, i.e. the team members based on the filters selected

Before assigning members to the team, firstly select the desired filters to refine the 'Available' and 'Selected' member lists:  - Select the Season the members are registered to (before members can be moved into a team competing in a particular season, they must firstly be registered to that season)  - Select the Age Group to show only members that belong to a particular age group  - Enter a Date of Birth start and end date to show only members born within a specific date range

To move members into the team, click on the member's name in the Available Members list and drag and drop it into the Selected Members list.  

To remove a member from the team, click on the member's name in the Selected Members list and drag and drop it into the Available Members list.  Repeat this process for all the members you want to add to or remove from the team.  

6. Click on Save when finished.