How do I assign members to Teams?

NOTE: before any members can be assigned to a team, they must be assigned to the same club that the team is in, otherwise they will not appear. They also must be active at association and club level for the current season.

1. If you have logged in at the association or club level , click on TEAMS in the main menu. 

If you are a team administrator go straight to step 2.

2. The list of teams will appear. Locate the team that you want to assign members to. You can use the filters provided to narrow down your search.   

The search box can also be used to quickly locate the team by typing in the team name.  

Open the team record clicking on the VIEW button next to the team in the Teams List (or if you have used the search box, by clicking on the team name from the drop-down list).

3. The team 'dashboard' will open. Click the drop down arrow against MEMBERS > select MODIFY TEAM LIST .

4. Move members from the AVAILABLE PLAYERS LIST to the SELECTED PLAYERS LIST by clicking the ADD button within the available players list.  Repeat this process for all the members you want to add to the team.  

  • Available players- the players that are currently registered to the club for the current season and are available to assign to the team
  • Selected players - players that have been assigned to the team.

Here you can filter the search paramters for members to be specific to gender, DOB and season if you have a long list of members within your club. Without any filters this will bring in all members listed within the club. You can also search via name for specifc members using the search bar.

Make sure the filter is set to be the current season your association is in so it brings in the correct member list.

To remove them out of the selected players list, click the MINUS button.

5. Click on Save when finished.

Why am I unable to see any members or only some members within the available players list?

There are a few configurations that can play a factor if you are unable to see any members within the available players list to assign. Some are outlined below:

  • Make sure members are registered and have an active PLAYER record at both association and club level in the current season.
  • Make sure teams are assigned to the same club as members, and vice versa. If members and teams are assigned to different clubs or not assigned to a club at all, it won't bring in any members.
  • The competition the team is part of may have age range filters set so it will leave out some members- check with your association if you think this might be the case or if a member will be playing but falls outside the age range for the age group.