Create a New Competition

Important: Prior to creating your competition, please ensure you have completed the Pre-Competition Setup steps. 

To create a new competition, please complete the following steps:

1. Hover the cursor over the Competitions tab and select List Competitions. 

2. A list of your current competitions will appear. Click on New in the top right corner.    

3. Select the type/ format of the competition. Three different formats are available:  

Home and Away competition

Venue Allocation competition

Pools competition.

Further information on Competition Types can be found via our Competition Types article. 

After selecting your competition format, you will see the 'Add New Competition' screen. This screen is the same regardless of the type of competition format you have chosen in Step 3.  

4. On the 'Add New Competition' screen you are required to enter information on:

Note: If there are no fields available to select from the drop-down, you will need to configure your Manage Lookup Information

  • Competition Name 
  • Age group
  • Gender  
  • Division
  • Default Age Group
  • Start Date
  • Default Game Start Time - Important: this is not to be set at 12:00AM. 
  • Match Duration - The total of actual playing time e.g. 2x20 minute halves = 40
  • Time required for Venue - Time of use of Venue (or field) for one match e.g. Playing time + Half Time + new match changeover time = 60.
  • % Of Venue Required - the percentage of field space required to run a game. E.g. 50% will allow you to run two games on one Venue (field) at a time. 
  • Maximum Number of Teams 
  • Number of Rounds
  • Days Between Rounds
  • Fixture Template
  • Days Competition Run

5. Once you have entered all the information and settings for your competition, click on Update Competition. 

So long as all compulsory fields have been completed, a message will appear noting that the new competition has been successfully created.  

Note: If any compulsory fields have not been completed, you will be automatically taken to the fields that need filling in. The field will appear in red with the message 'Field required' next to it. Enter the information and click on Update Competition to complete the setup of your competition.