How do I manually sync matches to the Courtside App?

  1. Manually syncing games

Rather than syncing all the matches back to the database at once you can manually select which matches you’d like to sync.

The manual sync is also used in scenarios where the sync was incomplete (no internet or otherwise), the referee code has been entered incorrectly or when a customer is moving the device from no wifi to a wifi location.

Click on the Admin button in the right hand corner and select Manual Sync.


Select the Match(es) you’d like to sync and click Sync at the bottom of the screen.

Note: that a manual sync will override any scores input via match results, e.g forfeits. Leave those games out of the manual sync. If you have accidentally included those matches within the manual sync, you will need to go back into match results and adjust the score in post game.

  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at