How do I allocate Officials to matches?

Before you can commence using the umpire allocation functionality there needs to be at least one active club in your database and the umpire database needs to have at least one active member who is a Umpire/Referee/Match Official. Once you have created a club to house your Umpire/Referee/Match Official, the Umpire/Referee/Match Official Allocation system can then be linked to that club (GameDay will need to switch on the Umpire Allocation functionality for that club).

Once you have configured your 'Umpire Types' you can then allocate your officials to matches for each competition.  

To allocate officials to a match:      

1.  Hover over Comp Management and click Referee (Match Official) Allocations. 

2. Select the Competition(s) from the drop down list and click Continue    

3. Enter in a date range if you’d only like matches within that date range to be displayed. If the field is left blank it will show all matches for the competition.  Note: The format for date entry is dd/mm/yyyy (eg. 01/01/2000)

4. Click on Edit for the match you wish to allocate officials to. The Allocated column will display zero if no allocations have been made for a match. Once you’ve entered in your officials it will display how many officials have been allocated to that match.   

5. Select the official from the drop down list and enter in any details required.