Using GameDay

Gameday is excited to re-introduce our Mobile App. The following article will step you through using GameDay, which is currently available to download via the App Store and Google Play Store. 

NOTE: The GameDay app is NOT USED to input teamsheets/results if you are a team admin- the app is only used for viewing fixures/results. If you need team admin access please speak to your club so they can grant you access and you will need to log in via


Once you have downloaded and installed the app, upon opening the app you will be presented with the Sign Up/Login screen:

Currently you must use a valid email to sign up to GameDay.

Once you complete the account registration we will ask you to open your email on your phone and confirm the account creation.

After you confirm you have access to the email we will check the our records and find any active players and teams associated to that address and link them to your account without the need for you to go searching for them.

If we can’t find any records linked to that email address you can instead utilize our updated search functionality to find the information you are after.


Below are the following instructions for logging into the GameDay app. 

1. Select the Login in option on the Home screen. 

2. Enter Email address and Password, used when creating an account. 

3. Select teal Log in option on the bottom of the screen.


The home page for GameDay mobile is the schedule screen. Here you can see all upcoming games for teams you are following. Tapping on each match tile will take you into the match Centre where you can view additional information about the match including venue details and results, stats and ladders.

You can filter the teams you want to see in this view by tapping on the filter option in the top right hand corner and choosing which teams you want to appear in the schedule view.


In the Teams tab you will be able to view all the teams that you are currently following. 

Teams may also display the name of the different individuals that you have selected to fallow. 

By tapping on a team in this view will allow you to access more information about each team including upcoming games, season schedule, ladders and statistics.

Also on the teams section is the search function to find and follow teams and players who have opted to display publicly. 

Finding your Team

GameDay’s search functionality has been rebuilt to provide a better experience aimed at helping users find the information they are after faster and easier than ever before

Also returning in the relaunch of GameDay is the team and league search along with the addition of club search.

How to find and follow a new Team:

1. Select the Teams tab at the bottom of your screen.

This will bring up the teams you are currently following. 

2. Click on the Magnifying Glass in the top right corner to search for your individuals or teams. 

When in search you will have the option to search via:

  • Teams 
  • Club 
  • Leagues 

You can also use the Refine option to help narrow search for a specific sport. 

3. Once you have found your desired team click the blue Follow option, and the new team will be added to your Teams tab.


Note: If your team is part of the VJBL, although you may be able to find your team, no fixtures will display due to these associations using our offline competition management system and only those who are using our online competitions will display. To view the fixtures for these two associations, use the associations website or get in contact with them directly in regards to where else you can view these fxtures.

Note: even though you may follow a team for the current season when a league/association rolls the season over you may not see any fixtures etc for that team. This may be due to that team no longer being the under the same name, the team has changed competitions or the league has not allowed these fixtures to be viewed publicly yet. If you are seeing anything along those lines please speak to your league or check the website fixtures to confirm the team you are following is still correct. If not, please contact your league directly and they can confirm the team for you and then follow the correct team.

Match Centre

The new match centre provides users with a dynamic experience. Prior to the game the match centre displays information about the upcoming games including map options for directions to the venue. Post game the section provides a full break down of the match including top performers, team and player stats, play by play (where available) as well as the competition ladder.


To unfollow a team go to their profile and tap on the unfollow button. This will remove the record from your preferences including display on the schedule and team pages.

If you are having difficulty using the GameDay app, please Contact Us

For Troubleshooting/FAQ's please see our GameDay FAQ's Article