How do I search and request a clearance by member name

Clearances must be instigated from the club level of the database. It needs to be requested from the ''destination club'' - the club the player wants to transfer to.

1. From the club level menu, click on the drop down arrow against Members and select Request a Clearance.  

2. From the the 'Request a Clearance' screen, input the members surname and/or DOB.

3. Click Select Member.

4. Click SELECT against the member.

NOTE: if the member needing to be transferred displays as CLEARED OUT, it means that they requested a clearance in the past to your club, so they will be cleared out before they can be requested. Please contact your association/league who can step you through this process.

5. This will list the clearance/permit details for the members.

For clearance: make sure details are correct and add any additional information including what the reason of the transfer is (if needed).

For permit: input a permit type (these are defined by your sport so check with them if you are unsure what they refer to) and input a permit start and end date.


7. A confirmation screen will appear once the permit/transfer has been successfully.

This will then go through the relevant clearance approval process set for your sport.