How do I search and request a clearance by organisation?

Clearances must be initiated at the club level of the database. It needs to be requested from the ''destination club'' the club the player wants to transfer to

1. From the club level menu, click on the drop down arrow against Members and select Request a Clearance.  

1. From the Select a Source State drop down list on the 'Request a Clearance' screen, select the source state that the player currently belongs to.

2. Leave all other information blank > click SELECT.

3. The next step asks you to select the source association that the player currently belongs to. Click on the Select a Source Association drop-down list and select the association.

4. Click on Select Association.  

5. The next step asks you to select the source club that the player currently belongs to. Click on the Select a Source Club drop down list and select the club.

6. Click on Select Club.  

7. Input details for the player via their national number (memberid) or their surname and/or DOB. We recommend via surname and DOB as it returns the most accurate result.

8. Click Select Member.

9. A list will appear within members with a similar surname, or the exact member will be listed. Click SELECT next to the relevant members name.

Note: If the member needing to be transferred displays as CLEARED OUT, it means that they requested a clearance in the past for your club, so they will be cleared out before they can be requested. Please contact your association/league who can step you through this process.

10. This will list the clearance/permit details for the members.

For clearance: make sure details are correct and add any additional information including what the reason of the transfer is (if needed).

For permit: input a permit type (these are defined by your sport so check with them if you are unsure what they refer to) and input a permit start and end date.


13. A confirmation screen will appear once the permit/transfer has been successfully.

This will then go through the relevant clearance approval process set for your sport.