Clearances List Overview

From the Clearances List, an association can see all clearances that have been completed and clearances that are currently in progress. A description of each column of the Clearances table is provided below:  

Name: The name of the player involved in the clearance

Date of birth: The player's date of birth

From Association: The association that the player is leaving

From Club: The club that the player is leaving  

To Association: The association that the player is moving into

To Club: The club that the player is moving into

This level's status: Depending on a sport's rules relating to the clearance process, the Association/s involved in player clearances may need to approve clearances before they are completed. These clearances will be easily identifyable as they will be highlighted with a notice - ‘Awaiting your Approval‘ – in the Status column.

Overall status: this will indicate the final result of the clearance - 'Approved' or 'Denied' or whether the clearance is still 'Pending'.

Application date: The date that the clearance was initiated

Due date: this is a read-only field, configurable by each sport’s national body. For example, a sport may place a 14 day limit on the processing of clearances. If a clearance isn't finalised by the due date, it will automatically change to a status of choice - e.g. 'denied' or 'approved'.

Created by: will indicate whether the clearance was processed through the Online Clearance process or the Offline Clearance process.

Ref. No: A unique system-generated reference number for the clearance

Alert Date: This is a read-only field, generally 5 days from the date that the clearance was initially requested. On the alert date the entity (association or club) that is holding up the clearance is notified by email. The email will explain that the clearance requires urgent attention and that failure to act could result in the player being claimed under time limit rules (i.e. The clearance is automatically processed).

Year: The year that the clearance was initiated    

The filters across the top allow you to narrow down the specific clearances you wish to view - e.g. you can choose to only view clearances in a certain year, from/to a certain club, only those that have been approved or are in progress, or a combination of several filters.