Clearance/Permit Process

The player clearance/permit process includes the following parties:

  • The player: the player being transferred from one club to another
  • The source club: the club the player is leaving
  • The destination club: the new club the player is moving into
  • The source association: the association that the source club participates in *
  • The destination association: the association that the destination club participates in *

* The 'source' and 'destination' association will be the same if the player is moving clubs within the same association.  

Rather than manually approving or denying every clearance/permit that is requested, some associations may wish to automatically approve or deny certain types of clearances/permits. These rules can be set up within the Clearance Settings.  

The clearance/permit process works as follows:  

1. A clearance/permit request is submitted by a club (the 'destination' club).

2. The clearance/permit will now appear in the (source) association's Clearance List, which can be accessed by clicking on Members in the menu and selecting List Online Clearances/Permits.  

3. Click on a member‘s name to view the member‘s clearance summary page. The 'Clearance Approval Details' section shows the progress of the clearance/permit and indicates the body that currently needs to tend to the clearance (deny or approve).  

In the above example, the Warrnambool RSL Soccer Club has requested a clearance for the player Patrick Boyd, who was last registered to the Southbank Soccer Club.  

The clearance needs to be processed in the following order:  

  • Clearance submitted by the destination club (Warrnambool RSL Soccer Club)
  • Clearance approved by the source club (Southbank Soccer Club)
  • Clearance approved by the association (Demo Association)

Clearance confirmed/finalised by the destination club (Warrnambool RSL Soccer Club) 

*sometimes the clearance may need to go via the national/state body as well depending on how your sport has this process set up. This will definitely apply if the clearance is interstate*.

When the destination club (in this example the Warrnambool RSL Soccer Club) completes the final step in the process by approving the player clearance, the member‘s record will then appear within the Warrnambool RSL Soccer Club's database. The member‘s record will be changed to ‘inactive‘ and ‘read-only‘ (cannot be edited) in their old club, the Southbank Soccer Club.

At any phase of the clearance/permit process (steps 2 - 4) the clearance/permit can be denied. If this happens, the clearance/permit process ends and no action will be required by any of the parties. The member's record will remain in the source club's database.