BVIT: myWebsite/myClub Training

myWebsite/myClub Training

This document is a series of checklists to assist you in conducting training on the MyWebsite/myClub software. It assumes that you are familiar with the product, however, you do not need to be an expert to run the training – most people just need an introduction to the system and they will work the rest out, either by themselves or from the manual. myClub in particular is very simple to explain – just run people through each of the menu options for the Club Official. Then summarise with the benefits of increased communication and decreased administrative time – after they have used the system, they will understand more about what you are saying than if you explain the benefits in detail up front.

If you wish to run a presentation prior to starting the education, there is a short PowerPoint presentation that is available outlining the major components of the MyWebsite system.

Some tips on training

• Use the pre-event Checklist, and check that all User Ids and sites work a few days in advance. Having a person show up for training without a working site or user ID is extremely embarrassing for the trainer, and a waste of time for the attendee.
• Don’t go too fast, especially through the early stages. Once people have got their first page up on the system, they will gain some confidence and will be willing to explore and able to move a little quicker.
• Don’t spend too much time initially on changing the design or colours of the site. Go through getting a simple page onto the system, add some images, and later on, go back and change the design. Spending too much time at the beginning on tasks that will only be done once might be counter-productive in that the emphasis is on areas that will be seldom used.
• Identify early on in the session those people that are picking it up quickly and are forging ahead. Give the faster ones room to go ahead and explore – don’t try hold them back, while you spend more time with those that might be taking a little longer to grasp the concepts.
• Make sure early on that people know where to get help
• At the end of each section, recap what you have just learnt and ask if everyone has a good understanding, and if there are any further questions.
• Allow plenty of smoke/drink/brain breather breaks – as often as every 45 minutes depending on the speed of the group
• The best approach is to talk people through the screen, while walking around the room. Explain that the same information is in the manual, and that they can refer to this when they are at home. Having people reading the manuals during the session can be very time consuming.
• It can be useful to ensure that during the session, you encourage people to keep putting up new web pages, for example when they are adding a menu. This allows them to get very familiar with the “web page add” function, which will probably be the one they use the most.

Pre-Training Checklist

The following is a simple checklist of tasks prior to training. Note that the setting up of new names by the internet service provider can take 2+ days, so it is essential that the names of the websites be provided to the Website Administrator well in advance of the event.


MyWebsite Training Checklist

The following is a simple list of tasks to follow during the education on MyWebsite.

Key Points

       • Who am I?
       • What are we doing here?
       • Web experience – who has done what?
       • How do I get help in the system?


What do I want on my front page?
   1. News
   2. Events
   3. Features
   4. Photo
   5. Welcome Message
   6. Advertising
   7. Menus

Setting up your site

       • You can change the design
       • You can change the colour
       • You can add your logo
       • You can add your sponsor information

Editing the site day to day – explain that there are the following five elements

• Write a webpage
       o What kinds of pages are there?