Manage Display

Firstly, scroll down to the bottom of your website and click 'Site Editor'. You will then be shown the Website Editor Control Panel.

If you aren't able to access the website editor function for your Club website (either the previous editor is no longer at the Club, or the site hasn't had an editor before), then please click here. Alternatively , if your website already has a website editor, this person can authorise you as an additional website editor themselves. If you are a club, you must contact your Association for access.

Choose a Theme

 1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Choose a Theme.    

To select a theme:  

2. Click on the white check circle at the top left corner of the colour theme you wish to chose

3. Click on the Change Theme button

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Colours and Fonts

The Colour Scheme area enables you to customise colours throughout your site, using a colour selection grid for each selectable colour.   From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Colours and Fonts underneath the Manage Display heading     

To select colours:  

1. Click on the colour square of the area you wish to change to open the colour selection grid.    

2. Choose the colour you wish to apply to that area.  

3. You can also type the colours code into the text box rather than trying to find it in the colour selection box (eg. ffffff = white).  

4. You can view how the colour changes will affect your site in the Preview area at the bottom of the Colours and Fonts screen.  

5. When you have finished customising your colour scheme, click on Update to save the changes.

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Website Font

1. From the Website Editor Control Panel, click on Colours and Fonts.    

2. There is an option to select the content font type, as well as the menu font type.                                                                  

3. You can view how the font changes will affect your site in the Preview area at the bottom of the Colours and Fonts screen.  Select the fonts you wish to use and click on Update. 

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Page Header

The Page Headers area enables you to choose from a variety of sport-specific headers and generic headers for your site.

By clicking on Page Headers, this will take you to the Choose Header page, where you can select which page header you would like for your website.  

1. Click on the white check circle next to the page header you wish to choose

2. Click on the Save button      

The SportsTG graphic design team is also able to create custom headers using your Association or Club’s colours and images (at a fee for service).  

Alternately, you may wish to create your own header design which we can upload to your website for you.  

The custom designed header needs to adhere to the following:  

Dimensions: Size 996px w by 140px h (The height of the header can be between 100px and 140px. The width is fixed at 996px).

Format: .jpg

If you'd like your own header design to be uploaded to your website please use the 'Submit a Request' button at the top of the page to submit a ticket. Make sure when submitting your ticket you attach the image file of the header and provide a link to your website.

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Copying Club Content

This option allows you to make the design and content of the team site the same as the club site. Choosing this option means that all changes to the club site will be replicated on the team site. This link can be broken and reinstated and any time. Any content that you have in place on the team site will not be visible if ’Copy Club Content’ is activated.

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