Payment Configuration

How to Apply to become a GameDay Sub-Merchant  This step-by-step guide will help new users through the process of signing up to become a GameDay Sub-merchant via the NAB Bank. It’s specifically designed for GameDay users, and includes some advice on how to fill in the different sections of the sign-up form, and while these are generally correct for sporting clubs and associations, they should be read in conjunction with your organisation’s individual requirements.  When you sign as a GameDay Sub-merchant, you are able to receive payments from your Members, which will then be transferred to your nominated Bank Account via the GameDay Payments system:  

1. Hover over the Registrations menu and click on Payments Configuration    

2. On the next page, select the Payments Application button


3. Fill in the details as required. It is a one-page document and the fields with an asterisk next to them are required fields. Once all fields have been filled out, click the I Agree button.  

4. Your details will now be passed onto GameDay and you will be notified once your Sub-merchant set-up has been approved. Once approved, you now have the ability to start receiving payments.   

Setting up your Bank Account to receive payments  

1. This step-by-step guide will help new users through the process of receiving their funds, after being set-up as a GameDay Sub-merchant. The user has two options as to how they want to set-up their account:  

2. Setting up the Bank Account details:  

3. Hover over the Registrations menu, click on Payment Configuration and select Setup Bank Account Details.   

4. You will then be prompted to fill in your bank account details. Ensure these are correct, as they will be locked once the update button is selected. If you need to make changes, please contact GameDay to have your account unlocked.  

5. Click Update. The account setup is complete and monies will now be transferred into your selected bank account on a daily basis (excluding weekends).   

How to set Compulsory Payments  

1. From the dashboard menu hover over Registrations and click Registration Forms  

2. Click on the Edit button  3. Within the Settings tab, tick the box to the right of Payment is Compulsory  

4. Once you have ticked the box click SAVE at either the top or bottom of the page.