BVIT: myClub - Media Releases

Media Releases

Media Releases are essentially newsletters that are being sent to media organisations
instead of club members. It is not available to all sports so ask your national body if your
sport has this facility.

Media Organisations

This is a search and edit program for information and contact details for media
organisations across Australia. Select your state/territory and click Show Companies.
Select a media organisation to view/edit and click Show Company. In this window you
can now view and edit the contact information for the company or organisation. If you
change any information in the contact details, be sure to click the Update Contact Details
button. It is recommended that each media organisation be given a category such as Print
Media, Government or Radio to make sending bulk media releases easier. The area to
change the category of the organisation is at the bottom of the page. Again, if this
information is changed make sure you click the Update Information button.

Don’t stress over finding every piece of information about the media organisation. The
most important fields to have filled in are Name, Email, Phone and Category. This
information should be sufficient for most requirements.

Staff Members

Each media organisation is setup like a club within your sport. Contacts are setup as
members of the club so you can search for, edit or add contacts like you would members
of any other club. When entering information about your contact, as with adding an
organisation, there’s no need to fill in every piece of information about the contact. The
most important pieces of information are Name, Phone Number, Email.

Media Organisation Status

If a media organisation is not affiliated with the state, it will not appear when you search
for it.

Send Media Release

A media release is a webpage that you send to different media organisations.


The default template for a webpage is “Page”. This is because it is assumed that this page
will be viewed in an internet browser, which can handle complex html and flash. When
you are sending your page in an email, such as when you are using the newsletter or
media release systems, you need to simplify the html on the page so that it can be viewed
properly in an email program that doesn’t have the same capacity for displaying html. To
create a newsletter template you can either contact our graphic designer or refer to the
templates help manuals in the documentation section if you have an advanced knowledge
of html.

Creating a Media Release

1. In the MyWebsite system, click “Add a Page”
2. Put your text into the editor.
3. Check the “Web Page” option in the Type of Page section.
4. Change the Page Template to your media release template.
5. Type in the headline of your media release.
6. Continue as you would for a normal webpage through the rest of the options such
    as Photos, Links etc.
7. Click Save and wait for “Page number xxx has been saved”
8. Copy the page number and click the Exit button.

Sending a test Media Release

1. Return to MyClub/Media Releases/Send Media Release.
2. Paste the page number in the “Media Release Page” text box. You can click the
   “Preview/edit” button if you want to see how it will look or make any changes.
3. Enter your own email address into the “Email Addresses” text box and click the
    Send Additional Emails button to send yourself a copy of the media release before
    it gets sent to the media. If there is someone else who wishes to be sent a test
    email, their email address can be put in the “Email Addresses” box following your
    own with a comma in between.
4. Check your email to preview your media release and make any changes.

Sending a Media Release

1. Return to MyClub/Media Releases/Send Media Release and ensure your media
    release’s page number is in the “Media Release Page” text box.
2. Next you will need to search for the contacts you want to send your media release
     to. This can be filtered by the State, Category and Method dropdown menus.
     Click the Filter button to display a list of contacts fitting the selected criteria.
3. Check the “Send?” box next to each of the contacts you want to send the media
     release to, or you can click the Check All button to select all the contacts on that
4. Click the Send button in the bottom right corner of the page to send the media

Viewing a list of media releases on your website

You can create a link on the public website which lists and allows you to view all
previous media releases.
     1. Choose the menu you want your media releases to appear in.
     2. Click “Add to the menu above”.
     3. Check the “Link to a Web Service” button.
     4. Choose the “Media Releases” option from the Web Services dropdown menu.