Renewing a Member for a new Season

The primary method of registering members (new or existing) is through an Online Registration Form, whereby the member fills in an online registration form and can also submit payment for their Club Membership fees. Registering online automatically registers the member to a season and updates their details.   For an Administrator to Manually Register a Member to a Season, complete the following steps:  

The following is not available for AFL.

1. Click on Members in the header menu and from the drop down options select List Members.    

2. The Member List will appear. Click on the 'View'  button next to the member you wish to register.   +

3. The member's record will open. If they are not registered in the current season, this will be shown to the right hand side, with the words 'Not Registered' highlighted in red. 

4. Below 'Not Registered', click on Register.     

5. The Member Record will open. Check all details, choose a membership type from the drop down menu and click on Update Record.     

6. A confirmation message will appear, advising that the record has been successfully added to the season.      

If the member is already registered:  If the member is already registered in the current season, this will be shown to the right hand side, with the word 'Registered' highlighted in green.  

1. Click on Member Records to check the registration details.  

2. The Member Records Summary will open. The Club Summary will show which club the member is registered with for the current season. If the member is registered with another club and you wish to register the member with your club, a new record has to be created for the member and then both records have to be merged in the clubs' duplicate resolution.    

If an administrator creates a new record for a member that has just joined their club or association but that member has previously registered with a different club or association, the Membership will identify this and allow the administrator to merge the member's new record with all of their historical data.

For further assistance please contact Online Services:  

02 8424 7400