Save or Email Team reports

1. Select the Reports tab from menu.

2. Select Teams under Reports.

3. Click Configure under Advanced Team.  This will open the page from where you can customize your report.

4. Drag and drop the fields you need on the report under the Selected Fields area, or click the "+" icon. Continue adding the fields until you are done with all the fields you need.

Email the Report

5. Select the Email option under Report Output. Select the file format from the dropdown and provide a valid email address. This is the address to which the report will be sent. Click Run Report.

6. You will get a message saying the report has been emailed.

NOTE: Please check the emails in the email id you provided to download and use the report.

Save the Report

7. Click Save under Saved Reports.

8. Enter a Report Name and Click Save. The report will be saved under this name.

9. Select the report name from the drop-down under Saved Reports and click Run.

10. This will run the report and emails it to you.

If you want to know how to customize a report, please see the article - Customize the Teams report

If you want to generate a pre-defined Team Players/Contacts report, please see the article - Generate team players/contacts report