Adding News Articles

1. Click List in the left menu, then click the title of the ‘News Articles’ folder.  

2. Click ‘Create new record’.  


3. You will be presented with a blank page in which you can add your news article. Follow the steps below.    

a. Title: Youmust always enter a title for a news article – normally this is simply a headline as you would like it to appear on your website. 

b. Author: The Author field is not mandatory, but a descriptor is often useful.

c. Subheader: The sub-header can simply be a copy of the first paragraph of the story or might be an inducement to the reader to simply “read on”.

d. Relations: This section tags where the article originates from and must be used and allows you to add a picture that will be displayed with the article.  

4.Now add the main body of the text of your article.  

5. Click Save/Close.