Match Day Paperwork & Reporting


As part of the Schedula+ Functionality, Match Day Paperwork & Reporting allows an Association/League to create a series of questions to collect additional Match Data (ie Ground Condition, Standard of Facilities, Crowd Behaviour etc.) for Umpires/Referees/Match Officials to Complete via Referee Login.    

Details below will outline the process for completing Match Day Paperwork utilising Referee Login as part of Schedula+ Functionality:  

Passport Process  

1. Login to Passport

2. Click on Results Entry & Live Scoring

Data entry process  

1. Set Beginning and Ending date, then click GO

2. Select Enter Results

3. Association level access to Post Game and Pre Game screens

Locating Fixtures  

You will now be taken to a list of all of your appointed fixtures. Change the date parameters at the top of the screen to select the fixture/s that you need to enter results for.  

The grey header indicates the date of the fixture. The match details are under the header along with information on which other officials have been appointed. Always check the information under “Match Details” to ensure you are entering Match Day Paperwork for the correct Match.    

1. Click on the relevant Report you wish to Complete (there may be more than

2. Save the Results  

3. The Status of the Report should change from "Not Completed" to "Completed"  


Ensure that you sign out after you have entered all results.   To log out, click on “Sign Out” located in the black bar at the top of the screen to the right.